Fashion Reloaded at Direktorenhaus

Fashion Reloaded is a platform for designers, consumers and producers which redefines ideas of style while simultaneously making fashion more environmentally responsible. Simple “clothes swapping” is taken to the next level, Fashion Reloaded addresses product-life-cycle and eco-fashion industry debates, through workshops which actively facilitate “upcycling” and “recycling”.

On September 23rd 2010 theory will become reality as visitors and designers are asked to question the potential of their forgotten clothes by bringing them to swap. Once swapped, the garments can be redesigned and restyled at the fully equipped workshop. The creators of Fashion Reloaded provide materials, tools, sewing machines, practical assistance and an inspiring upcycling environment. This is a workshop which not only changes the garments but also the perception of anyone who dares to swap and reload.

Fashion Reloaded will be met by website and magazine Ilikemystyle, the world’s first entirely user generated fashion publication. is a social network for fashion enthusiasts allowing users to upload photos, comment on each others’ images and discuss brilliant and not-so-brilliant outfits. acts as a platform for creatives, photographers, artists, beauties, posers, bloggers and fanatics alike. In April 2010, the first issue of the printed magazine, Ilikemystyle Quarterly, was published showcasing entirely user generated content.

As part of Fashion Reloaded, Ilikemystyle will open a pop-up fan store at Direktorenhaus. The store will present “fan” merchandise utterly dialectically: a store filled with T-shirts, magazines, nail polish which will fascinate both the generators and consumers of Ilikemystyle. In addition the store will host an impromptu photo booth to snap your newly Fashion Reloaded outfit, user generated video footage, recycled T-shirts and of course the magazine itself. The fan store acts as homage to and a satire of the wave of “pop-up” culture, and simultaneously acts as helplessly overcrowded space for fashionistas to mutually support each other.

Open Culture and Fashion: New Ways of Fashion and Trend Manufacturing. A Moderated Panel Discussion

Direktorenhaus are delighted to welcome Dr Oliver Vodeb from Openwear a
meta-fashion label based on open source philosophy, Cecilia Palmer and Sophie Bayerlein designers and co-initiators of Fashion Reloaded, and Adriano Sack co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ilikemystyle. The discussion will be moderated by free culture and open design advocate Andrea Götzke.

This event is free, but bring clothes to swap