Open air swap and remake workshop during Berlin Fashion Week in collaboration with Dr. Otto von Busch,, Kulturlabor Trial&Error and Travis Meinolf aka Actionweaver.

Swap, hack and restyle your fashion brand in our crowdsourcing laboratory.

The swap, make and restyle fashion event FASHION RELOADED presents reBRAND, an exploration how  to crowdsource a fashion brand. Located at the public area of green fashion event THEKEY.TO at Postbahnhof, FASHION RELOADED offers workshops and installations to swap, upcycle and restyle your fashion brand.

Open Swap, Open Skills, Open Branding.

Initiated by two Swedish designers, open source designer Cecilia Palmer and haute couture heretic and researcher Dr. Otto von Bush, the event calls consumers and designers to reclaim their fashion. Cecilia Palmer: “The internet allows us to co-create the world around us, and we want to explore the possibilities of crowdsourcing the creation of a fashion brand.”

Dr. Otto von Bush, known for his fashion hacking projects:

“There are other ways of organising the fashion system. The question is: ‘How can we harvest more love, rather than just trying to sell more stuff? That’s what we research here.'”

Restyle Your Brand

Join us in the creation and hacking of brands in the way you want them to be.

What does the brand of the present, and the future, look like. How can we employ crowdsourcing as a tool for the co-design of brands? Can a brand be open? What would the consequences be – experiment and experience it yourself at Fashion Reloaded.